Using The Triangle For Success For Mortgage Professionals

The Triangle For SuccessIf you are a mortgage professional, you will undoubtedly want to attract clients with an effective pitch. If you have not heard of THE TRIANGLE FOR SUCCESS strategy, you will need to read up on it. Our team has mastered the art of converting clients from leads. If you want to understand how our process works, you will first need to understand a few things about what clients want.

You will need to think about the needs of your client and what you can bring to the table to interest them. To learn to do this, get started by reading through our Story.


Setting up the Presentation:

This is the first and arguably most vital step during the entire process. When you first meet your leads, you may not know much about what their interests are like. You will want to change that as soon as possible. You may have set up a meeting to offer the initial Presentation of a mortgage.

Remember that the relationship you are creating is important to the signing process. Make them feel like they can trust your opinion and that you are committed to getting the best terms for them. You might even want to talk to them a bit on the phone before the meeting. This can give you some vital information about what they may be expecting to get from the discussion.

Don’t forget that there are customer relationship management (CRM) software programs available to you, like ours, the Mortgage Triangle Software. In this technologically driven era, it can be a vital asset to any mortgage professional. There are many good products out on the market, but you will want to find one that will bolster your presentation.

See how much data you can get on your leads before the meeting. They may be willing to divulge their sought after price ranges and ideal mortgage rates. It can be hard to keep track of many different leads at the same time. But these CRM software packages can make it much more manageable.


Preparing for Conversion:

The ultimate goal as a mortgage professional is to convert leads in to clients. This is because clients are the ones that will be signing on the mortgage and helping you stay in business. Be ready to do everything in your power to offer a compelling reason for them to continue working with you.

When you deliver a Mortgage Triangle Software Presentation, keep an eye on how receptive these potential clients are acting. If they seem engaged, you can consider the Presentation to be a success. If they are still wavering by the end of the Presentation, then you may need to do some follow-up work with them until the mortgage closes.

You can coordinate these Presentations with your Mortgage Triangle CRM Software. After you have finished meeting with your prospective clients, take the time to update the information you have. If these leads back out entirely from the process, you may wish to remove them from your records. But if they are willing to continue, use your CRM software to update this information accordingly.

Once the loan closes, you accomplish the Conversion, and your new clients are happy with their new mortgage product, keep in mind that you still have not completed THE TRIANGLE FOR SUCCESS. Your work is two third’s done, so don’t forget about them.


Working towards Retention:

This is the third and final phase of THE TRIANGLE FOR SUCCESS process. This is what you will need to do in order to keep generating new business at a rate that will help your business grow.

The Presentation should have been an opportunity for both of you to voice your opinions on how this process should play out, and building a relationship. If successful, you likely began work on Converting these leads in to formal clients.

The Conversion should have been the act of turning your lead into a sale and assisting your clients in finding the best mortgage program for their needs.

But the Retention process will be ongoing and will generate your new leads so that you can start the Presentation phase once again.

If you are going to expect to work with them in the future, and more importantly have them refer you business, you will need to formalize a plan for Retention. Use your Mortgage Triangle CRM Software and our after marketing plan to create this plan.


Mortgage Triangle Software

In conclusion, you will need to focus on all three of these pieces to complete THE TRIANGLE FOR SUCCESS. If you coordinate your efforts with a professional CRM software package, you should be able to Convert these leads in to clients, and continue generating new leads for the future.

The Mortgage Triangle Software CRM incorporates these 3 phases into 1 peice of web based software, Presentation, Conversion, and Retention.


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