Being Client’s Number One Choice: Redefining Your Approach

Being Client’s Number One Choice: Redefining Your Approach

If it was possible, every salesperson out there would want all the clients to be on his/her side. Meeting the prospect and bringing him to the table is not the issue, the real issue is getting him sign the deal. Everyone can bet this, salespeople are the best negotiators in the business world. But this is what turns off clients. It has been found that Redefining Your Approach94% of the salespersons would begin negotiating even before the client confirms that they are their number one choice.

Never begin negotiations until you confirm that the prospect trusts and takes you as his/her number one choice. To bring customers to the retention phase isn’t that easy and as a salesperson, you must prove to the customer that you got the game.

“The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same.” ~Colin R. Davis

Know the Client’s Risk

Buyers usually buy risk rather than the product. So don’t go around negotiating by lowering prices. The reason being you can’t discount your way to number one since there are competitors willing to undercut you for what will lead to unhealthy business and low margins. If you are not the number one choice, your prospect is just using you to bring down the price of their real top choice! Salespeople need to be creative to conquer the realm of the competitive market by following the behavior of clients after their first meeting. The CRM software and other customer relationship software are some of the tools that can help one track your client to know if you are their number one choice.

Unravelling the Needs of a Client Beforehand

In the mortgage industry, people don’t buy price, they buy risks. Clients are evaluating solutions and focused on risks like, what of if this vendor fails us? Ti give accurate answers and assure your doubting prospects, you can take advantage of the CRM software for social media where you’ll get to manage, answer and assist prospects with ease. This software allows you to go to a more personal level enabling you to answer and treat each prospect individually.

Most Buyers Don’t Worry About Price

If clients believe that you can 100% cushion them from unforeseen risks they’ll forego the competitors offering the same services at lower prices. Before negotiating the deal, ask yourself if you have satisfied the buyers by giving him/her protection to her business and personal risks. For those in the mortgage industry, using the Mortgage Triangle Software commonly known as the TRIANGLE FOR SUCCESS can place you at a par ahead of your competitors. With such tools and techniques which helps in making the rules, regulations and the all process easier you’ll realize outbound prospecting success. Ask a mortgage professional and he/she will surely tell you how it’s important to minimize the buyer’s risks instead of cutting the price. Make the process in your field easier, follow up what clients are saying about you and don’t negotiate before proving to your clients that you got everything at hand to be their number one’s choice.

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