Measuring The Value Of Each Sales Rep

Measuring The Value Of Each Sales Rep

Sales leaders are finding difficulty in tracking the performance of sales reps and most of the time, sales managers don’t get the results they want because they spend most of their time training reps instead of coaching. Coaching and training should be treated in the same way especially when dealing with sales force. Although coaching may require Realize More Bookingsmore time than training, the results will be reflected by the high performance.

With technology, user-friendly apps and interactive web platforms may be used to gauge the performance of each sales rep. one such great software is the mortgage triangle software normally termed as THE TRIANGLE FOR SUCCESS. Here, we will discuss three key performance metrics sales leaders will use to measure the performance of each rep.

“You can fool all the people all the time if the advertising is right and the budget is big enough.” – Joseph E. Levine

Refining Requests to Realize More Bookings

What pitch do you use in your calls and emails? The quality of your requests will determine is as a sales rep you’ll win the heart of a prospect for a booking. Otherwise, you might end up making a lot of requests without closing a single deal. The CRM software helps the sales leader track how reps relate with clients via various platforms.

Again, one might make a booking but at last he/she is not able to close a deal. As a sales leader coaching will be the ultimate solution as it goes beyond mere imparting of negotiation and demo skills. Coaching will help sales rep know more about the product and will give confidence reps that you’re teaching them a skill that you’re willing to do it yourself. It involves using social media for CRM software to gather for the needs of each and every prospect.

Deal Size

It’s normal to have tons of accounts and not have equal number of deal sizes. Have you ever thought on how a rep can convert 80% of the accounts into fruitful deals? A sales leader should be able to know the ways employed by a rep in expanding the size of the deal. Yes, one may using the right method but in the wrong way. Just twisting a bit how reps work can bring in unbelievable results by bringing prospects into the retention phase. In this case, dealing with an individual rep is key. The larger the deal size the more the profits and the more the commission, that’s the way to encourage your reps to work hard.

The Winning Rate

Is a rep using a lot of money in creating leads but the returns are not impressive? A cohesive team allows all the reps to speak about one thing about the company in different ways. Clients out there will get the same information about a product and this will build trust on the customers. Trust is what is required to win the heart of every client. A sales leader or even a mortgage professional, you should work very closely with those reps who have a higher winning rate just as they do to the underperforming ones. One can use the system that’s being used by a high-performing rep to help others raise their performance and this is the surest way of getting outbound prospecting success.

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