Is There a Place for Loyalty in Business?

Is There a Place for Loyalty in Business?

In the world of loan lenders, the one who has the lowest interest rate and is able to tell their clients exactly how much they will pay over the entire life of their loan is the lender who is going to close the most deals. Unfortunately, it seems that not every lender understands this and that is why most of the times those who don’t use CRM softwareCRM Software such as THE TRIANGLE FOR SUCCESS are barely getting by.

“The great leaders are like the best conductors – they reach beyond the notes to reach the magic in the players.” – Blaine Lee

So what makes this such an amazing tool that has so much power over clients who are on the fence about getting a loan?

The best mortgage planning software out there

In short, THE TRIANGLE FOR SUCCESS is the most advanced presentation and mortgage planning software on the market today. Not only is it complex, but simple to use, yet it also helps you calculate mortgages over any periods of time you wish in just seconds. As a result, you’ll easily be able to tell your clients exactly how much they’re going to save by contracting a certain type of loan. Because of that, it’s an essential tool if you’re looking towards improving your Outbound Prospecting Success right away.

Great functionality that significantly improves conversion rates

The Triangle For Success is so accurate that it shows you not only comparisons of the interest and principal paid, but also the difference in cost, tax benefits and the exact amount of money your clients can save on a monthly basis. Each report is customized for each client and contains all the info they need in order to take a decision on the spot. Better yet, you can also use it in Social Media For CRM software since it practically obliterates the competition. Yes, that’s how great it actually is!

As a mortgage professional, as soon as you’ll start using the software, you’re going to close at least twice as many mortgage loans per month. Not only that, but you can also bet that word of mouth about your services will spread lightning fast and that’s because thanks to the MTS you’re going to be light years ahead of your competition.

Increase client retention rate

With aftermarket campaigning, the Mortgage Triangle For Success will greatly improve your client retention phase by helping you stay connected with them. If you’re tired of chasing after clients or convincing them to take out a loan from you, with this software those days are finally over. Give it a try today and experience a 100% client rate increase in as little as one month!

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