5 Success Tips for a Better Business in 2016

The New Year is Finally Here.

That’s right. A year has already come and gone and a new one is upon us. This year, make changes. Change is good – right? And no time is better than NOW to begin implementing strategy and making changes for a better, more successful business year in 2016.

We have compiled a short list of actions to take now, to help you reach and achieve your business goals.

1. Reflect, learn, and let go.
Let’s face it – things happen, and not always according to plan. Perhaps last year you didn’t close as many deals as you were hoping for. Maybe you received a negative review or had some backlash from clients.

Take a deep breathe. It’s okay! These things happen to everyone and it’s important to your success this year to not let the trials of last bring you down. Instead, reflect on them, learn from them, and grow from them. Focus on what you can do better this year to prevent these things from happening again. Make a conscious effort to change from the experience in a positive way and you will see positive results!

2. Stay on trend.
In the age of technology that we live in today, it is of the utmost importance to stay on top of trends.

Last year, an the Share Economy trend brought forth new companies like Uber and airbnb. These businesses give the average ‘consumer’ the ability to utilize assets that they already own or use. An amazing trend that is only going to grow in the years to come.

What trends are occurring or upcoming in your industry that can help you to succeed? How can you get people who are already using products like yours involved in helping you?

Identifying a shift in buying habits of your targeted audience can lead to a complete re-vamping of your business, and although the process can be tedious, stressful, and time consuming, you will reap the rewards of staying on trend later.

3. Implement Customer Relationship Software (CRM).
Now is the perfect time of the year to implement a customer relationship software (CRM).

Modern CRM systems are able to do much more than just keep record of your customers’ contact information. They give you valuable insights to your sales flow and some have gone even further with powerful, easy-to-use reporting and analysis tools that allow you to look at the entire sales process to better understand your customer’s needs. You can now deliver truly accurate, fact-based sales forecasts, get objective management insight and more. The powerful results CRM can give are well worth their relatively inexpensive price.

Another plus? CRM systems enhances the process by delivering resources, such as brochures and presentations, to help each member of your team consistently move towards closing a deal.

Not sure a CRM software is right for your business? Contact us for a FREE 30 Day Trial!

4. Hire an Assistant or Consultant.

As much as we love to ‘toot our own horn’, we just cannot do everything! Step back and take a look at the issues you currently have in your business. What is it that is taking up your time and energy? What’s causing you the most headaches? By determining even one of these, you are already on your way to a brighter, more successful business year.

Hiring a business consultant or assistant that can help you rediscover your business/brand vision, help create objectives and keep you on top of the goals needed to attain it.

Learn the benefits of working ON your business, rather than IN it, here.

5. Check Your Overhead.
The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to look at what your business is costing you.

Is there a less expensive way to operate? Can you have more people working remotely? Do you need a physical office? Can you afford to hire more staff?

Studying your business’ financials is incredibly important. No matter how small or large your business is, you will save a lot of hard earned money if you know where every dollar is going and where you can cut expenses to keep more of them in your bank.

Most importantly: Stay focused, motivated and EXCITED about making this year – your best year yet!