How To: Prep You – and Your Business for the Holidays!

“When implementing small changes to your

How To: Prep You – and Your Business for the Holidays!

The holidays are on their way and it’s the perfect time to get you and your business in line and prepped for the season. This time of the year can be hectic, exciting, and a whole lot of crazy. Some businesses experience a drastic rise in labor (retail/e-commerce) while others experience a lull (real estate/mortgage).

Whether you are bracing yourself for the crazy holiday rush, or looking forward to the slow season and participating in the mad holiday shopping – getting your head in the game early will keep you sane during the this crazy time of the year.

Plan NOW for the season ahead.

What did you learn from your business this time last year that you can use as a takeaway to make this one run smoother? Analyze the information to make sure you’re not forgetting anything this holiday season. A few places to start on research from last year are:

  • Changes in Trends – What are some of the biggest changes in what’s trending that have impacted your business or field since last year?
  • Campaigns – What were the marketing campaigns that had the greatest impact on revenue/engagement?
  • Website traffic – What pages on your website got the most traction  this time last year? Any particular blog post topics that got more views, comments, etc?
  • Platforms/Channels – What were your biggest marketing platforms or channels last season – Google, subscription lists, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram?

Decide where to set your focus.

Unfortunately, you just cannot do everything or be everywhere. If your business is prepping for some of the holiday madness, set your focus on specific channels and make them your highest priority. Put the rest aside for when you have ‘down-time’ or delegate them to an assistant. Take time to do your research in your field to see what worked – and what didn’t – for other people in your profession.

Make sure your team is aware of the your brand/business’ priorities.

Do more with less time – save the headache.

Prep and pre-schedule all the work that you can. Then, you’ll have more time to during the holidays to do the things you love – like spending time with friends and family or finally taking that well deserved vacation time.

Now is the perfect time of the year to implement a customer relationship software (CRM).

Not only is this is going to help you easily get a forward view of next year, but increase your business’ ability to juggle the ever-increasing number of tasks, opportunities, communications, and information that would otherwise being jeopardy without the right tools.  CRM is key to helping you manage your business’ complex world without dropping the ball.

Don’t forget to relax.

It can be easy to lose yourself and your overall sanity during this time of the year. Don’t forget to set aside some “me time” and really allow yourself to relax and breathe. A car wont’ run without gas – and neither can you! Set aside time in your schedule to do things that rejuvenate you, so you can continue to be successful and watch your business flourish!