5 Success Tips for a Better Business in 2016

The New Year is Finally Here.

That’s right. A year has already come and gone and a new one is upon us. This year, make changes. Change is good – right? And no time is better than NOW to begin implementing strategy and making changes for a better, more successful business year in 2016.

We have compiled a short list of actions to take now, to help you reach and achieve your business goals.

1. Reflect, learn, and let go.
Let’s face it – things happen, and not always according to plan. Perhaps last year you didn’t close as many deals as you were hoping for. Maybe you received a negative review or had some backlash from clients.

Take a deep breathe. It’s okay! These things happen to everyone and it’s important to your success this year to not let the trials of last bring you down. Instead, reflect on them, learn from them, and grow from them. Focus on what you can do better this year to prevent these things from happening again. Make a conscious effort to change from the experience in a positive way and you will see positive results!

2. Stay on trend.
In the age of technology that we live in today, it is of the utmost importance to stay on top of trends.

Last year, an the Share Economy trend brought forth new companies like Uber and airbnb. These businesses give the average ‘consumer’ the ability to utilize assets that they already own or use. An amazing trend that is only going to grow in the years to come.

What trends are occurring or upcoming in your industry that can help you to succeed? How can you get people who are already using products like yours involved in helping you?

Identifying a shift in buying habits of your targeted audience can lead to a complete re-vamping of your business, and although the process can be tedious, stressful, and time consuming, you will reap the rewards of staying on trend later.

3. Implement Customer Relationship Software (CRM).
Now is the perfect time of the year to implement a customer relationship software (CRM).

Modern CRM systems are able to do much more than just keep record of your customers’ contact information. They give you valuable insights to your sales flow and some have gone even further with powerful, easy-to-use reporting and analysis tools that allow you to look at the entire sales process to better understand your customer’s needs. You can now deliver truly accurate, fact-based sales forecasts, get objective management insight and more. The powerful results CRM can give are well worth their relatively inexpensive price.

Another plus? CRM systems enhances the process by delivering resources, such as brochures and presentations, to help each member of your team consistently move towards closing a deal.

Not sure a CRM software is right for your business? Contact us for a FREE 30 Day Trial!

4. Hire an Assistant or Consultant.

As much as we love to ‘toot our own horn’, we just cannot do everything! Step back and take a look at the issues you currently have in your business. What is it that is taking up your time and energy? What’s causing you the most headaches? By determining even one of these, you are already on your way to a brighter, more successful business year.

Hiring a business consultant or assistant that can help you rediscover your business/brand vision, help create objectives and keep you on top of the goals needed to attain it.

Learn the benefits of working ON your business, rather than IN it, here.

5. Check Your Overhead.
The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to look at what your business is costing you.

Is there a less expensive way to operate? Can you have more people working remotely? Do you need a physical office? Can you afford to hire more staff?

Studying your business’ financials is incredibly important. No matter how small or large your business is, you will save a lot of hard earned money if you know where every dollar is going and where you can cut expenses to keep more of them in your bank.

Most importantly: Stay focused, motivated and EXCITED about making this year – your best year yet!

5 Holiday Business Tips


The Holidays Are Upon Us…

Product-based, service-oriented, and eCommerce businesses alike need to start preparing for the crazy holiday rush ahead. By beginning to implement new plans NOW you can get your business into a great a position for finishing off the year.

As a business owner, you should put yourself in a position where you are prepared for the holiday season. In order to do that efficiently, you must review and analyze any hiccups that occurred last year, including what you weren’t prepared for. Here are a few tips for you to get started on planning for the upcoming holiday season.

1. Meet with your staff.
It’s important to always be on the same page as your coworkers/staff. Find the time to schedule a meeting and ask them what they noticed last year during the holiday season that could be improved upon this year. What were the hiccups? What was it that worked successfully? What failed? Getting their feedback is crucial in making sure that things run more smoothly this year than last.

2. Stay Organized.
Do what you can ahead of time to make sure everything is in order. If you have a brick-and-mortar location, getting organized includes making sure that your location is clean and holiday ready. Depending on your business brand and style, this could mean ordering decorations or pulling them out of storage so your business front looks festive and welcoming.

Order any additional supplies that you may need and determine your business hours as well as your employees schedules. Giving everyone time in advance to know when they are expected to be at work will help ensure your are properly staffed. Having hours posted for your employees gives them more time to make sure their work schedule meshes well with their personal schedule and gives you time to adjust accordingly if something doesn’t work out.

Depending on your type of business, it may be a good idea to hire additional staff for the season if your budget allows for the extra helping hands.

3. Implement Customer Relationship Software (CRM).
Now is the perfect time of the year to implement a customer relationship software (CRM). Not only is this is going to help you easily get a forward view of next year, but increase your business’ ability to juggle the ever-increasing number of tasks, opportunities, communications, and information that would otherwise being jeopardy without the right tools.  CRM is key to helping you manage your business’ complex world without dropping the ball.

Not sure a CRM software is right for your business? Contact us for a FREE 30 Day Trial!

4. Promotional Deals and Sales.
Most of us know that with the holidays, comes sales and promotions. Now is the perfect time to entice your existing customer base with discounted products and services and encourage new, potential customers to try your product at a discounted price. Use this time of the year to your advantage by sending targeted marketing to a preferred customer list.

5. Prepare Your Website.
Now is good of time as any to perform any upgrades that have been overlooked on your website.

Everyday, customers are becoming online customers, so it so important that your website is running smoothly and efficiently. Your website needs to be able to handle all of the sales and traffic, so take the time now to work out any bugs or kinks on your website for a smooth process. Don’t forget to double check and troubleshoot all payment processing!

Update your website with all of the holiday information including special hours and additional policies including shipping, returns and pricing.

Most importantly: Have some holiday spirit! Remember to have a good time and encourage your staff to do the same!

How To: Prep You – and Your Business for the Holidays!

“When implementing small changes to your

How To: Prep You – and Your Business for the Holidays!

The holidays are on their way and it’s the perfect time to get you and your business in line and prepped for the season. This time of the year can be hectic, exciting, and a whole lot of crazy. Some businesses experience a drastic rise in labor (retail/e-commerce) while others experience a lull (real estate/mortgage).

Whether you are bracing yourself for the crazy holiday rush, or looking forward to the slow season and participating in the mad holiday shopping – getting your head in the game early will keep you sane during the this crazy time of the year.

Plan NOW for the season ahead.

What did you learn from your business this time last year that you can use as a takeaway to make this one run smoother? Analyze the information to make sure you’re not forgetting anything this holiday season. A few places to start on research from last year are:

  • Changes in Trends – What are some of the biggest changes in what’s trending that have impacted your business or field since last year?
  • Campaigns – What were the marketing campaigns that had the greatest impact on revenue/engagement?
  • Website traffic – What pages on your website got the most traction  this time last year? Any particular blog post topics that got more views, comments, etc?
  • Platforms/Channels – What were your biggest marketing platforms or channels last season – Google, subscription lists, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram?

Decide where to set your focus.

Unfortunately, you just cannot do everything or be everywhere. If your business is prepping for some of the holiday madness, set your focus on specific channels and make them your highest priority. Put the rest aside for when you have ‘down-time’ or delegate them to an assistant. Take time to do your research in your field to see what worked – and what didn’t – for other people in your profession.

Make sure your team is aware of the your brand/business’ priorities.

Do more with less time – save the headache.

Prep and pre-schedule all the work that you can. Then, you’ll have more time to during the holidays to do the things you love – like spending time with friends and family or finally taking that well deserved vacation time.

Now is the perfect time of the year to implement a customer relationship software (CRM).

Not only is this is going to help you easily get a forward view of next year, but increase your business’ ability to juggle the ever-increasing number of tasks, opportunities, communications, and information that would otherwise being jeopardy without the right tools.  CRM is key to helping you manage your business’ complex world without dropping the ball.

Don’t forget to relax.

It can be easy to lose yourself and your overall sanity during this time of the year. Don’t forget to set aside some “me time” and really allow yourself to relax and breathe. A car wont’ run without gas – and neither can you! Set aside time in your schedule to do things that rejuvenate you, so you can continue to be successful and watch your business flourish!

Are you working harder IN your business – or ON it?


Are you working harder ON your business or IN it?

Mortgage professionals are entrepreneurial by nature.  As entrepreneurs and small business owners, we share a lot of the same questions. Where should I focus marketing? Where do I go next? Where will my next client come from? How much money can/will I make? What happens if I fail? Perhaps the most common of issues is pure frustration – quickly followed by exhaustion, and ultimately, the feeling of defeat.

We are not only the ‘intern’ who manages all the day to day tasks – but the boss, the marketing ‘team’, the accounting ‘department’… and the janitor.  We are bombarded by countless decisions, tasks, and new roles. Suddenly, this dream of working from home or for ourselves is turning into a total nightmare and we feel ready to call it quits.

So what is the problem here? The answer is simple, and surprisingly so is the cure.

You are working in your business, not on your business.

The butterflies and rainbows of your initial start-up has passed and the skies have quickly become clouded. It’s going to rain – no, it’s going to flood – and you feel like this ship you have built is going to sink. Bucket after bucket you throw the water overboard – but the rain is falling quicker now and you can’t keep up! This is it – the ultimate storm.

So, what is causing all this stress and exhaustion?

Being an entrepreneur is tough – anyone can tell you that. You will be tired – but the quicker you catch that flood warning, the less likely you are to completely burn out. Are any of these red flags creeping their way into your mind and business?

  • Poor time management – never being able to get enough done.
  • Tiredness/Exhaustion – lack of sleep due to stress or extended work hours
  • Losing site of direction – uncertainty and lack of confidence in decision making

In order to solve the problem,  you simply need to break the vicious cycle. The quicker you allow yourself to shift your mindset and make room for change – the sooner you can get back to truly enjoying what you do, so your business can blossom.

Instead of working on your business, you need to start working in your business.

The first step to recovery is admission. As much as we love to ‘toot our own horn’, we just cannot do everything! You are becoming the underpaid employee – headaches and anger included. Step back and take a look at the issues. What is it that is taking up your time and energy? What’s causing you the most headaches? By determining even one of these, you are already on your way to recovering.

Now, take a deep breathe in – and let out that sigh of relief.

An easy fix is hiring a business consultant or strategist that can help you rediscover your vision, help create objectives and goals to attain it. You’ll regain some confidence, stop bailing water, and get back in the captain’s chair where you belong. 

“When implementing small changes to your business model, you will see results.” – Tina Mitchell | CEO Mortgage Triangle Software & The Money Hour

Often, the hardest part of this process is getting out of your own way. More than likely, you are the reason you are stuck. Now, ponder the idea of implementing systems and processes to streamline your business (like those MTS offers) and getting to reap the benefits of stepping aside:

  • Outsourcing can turn a week long task into a days work.
  • More help = less stress – take some of the load off your shoulders.
  • More time = more sleep – a less clouded mind will lead to a clearer vision.
  • Marketing help will give you the potential for new, engaged customers or clients
  • New clients/customers = more sales.

The list could go on forever. The benefits are endless and at the end of the day, your business will flourish because you will finally have the time to nurture it into its full potential.

Tackle the Feeling of Exhaustion – NOW!

The best time to start tackling all these issues is when they begin. Unfortunately, some of you are here now because it already has begun. So the best time for you to start is now. The business or brand that you have created didn’t happen over night. It took your hard work, sweat and maybe even tears to get your here. Don’t let the day-to-day grind become greater than the vision that got you to this point. Take control now and steer your ship back towards the sun, to the smoother side of the sea – your crew will worry about the rest.

Let them release you from having to purely work in your business or brand, to give you the time to also start working on it,

The Importance of Metrics in the Real Estate Industry


The Importance of Metrics in the Real Estate Industry

Real estate metrics are those that hold the key to success for realtors who want to thrive in their niches and get two steps ahead of the competition. As a real estate company, you need to understand the huge importance of using a top CRM software. You also need to understand how to use the right metrics that matter for the bottom line.THE TRIANGLE FOR SUCCESS

Today’s marketing does not revolve only around visibility campaigns, but it includes metrics that go deeper into each customer’s needs.

“The important thing is not being afraid to take a chance. Remember, the greatest failure is to not try. Once you find something you love to do, be the best at doing it.” – Debbi Fields

Improved Customer Experience

In order to attain an improved customer experience and to make sure your clients are happy with your services, you need to use metrics that measure their satisfaction at every stage of the buying process. Over the years, marketers have understood the huge importance of developing happiness metrics that concentrate on establishing a personal relationship with customers instead of trying to sell them a service. One of the best tools you have at your disposal to improve the experience of your customers and boost your sales is Mortgage Triangle Software.

Mortgage Triangle Software – The Recipe for Success

This unique software promotes the THE TRIANGLE FOR SUCCESS as the best “recipe for success” in the real estate industry. This unique approach focuses on the three main components of real estate marketing: presentation, conversion and retention.

1. Presentation: in the presentation phase you need to learn how to implement the best techniques for outbound prospecting success. During this phase, you will learn how to use presentation metrics, such as number of Facebook likes, number of Twitter followers, conversion ratios, Google search engine ranking and number of phone calls made daily.

In the presentation phase you will also learn how to engage sales using social media for CRM software. These two components, when used together, can make your sales skyrocket.

2. Conversion: as a mortgage professional, you need to know the best and easiest way to convert prospects into customers and then transform them into loyal customers. With the Mortgage Triangle Software, you have all the tools and metrics you need to manage data efficiently and boost your conversion scores.

3. Retention: the last and probably the most difficult phase of the process is the retention phase. During this phase, you need to learn how to provide outstanding services to your clients in order to transform them into loyal customers.

Relationships that Hold

In the real estate business, it is all about creating relationships that hold true. Use the Mortgage Triangle Software to manage your customer database, increase your sales, improve your brand image among prospects and create relationships that last a lifetime.

Tips to Maximize Sales Productivity and Increase Conversions With in Contact

CRM software

Tips to Maximize Sales Productivity and Increase Conversions With in Contact

Today is the age of the internet. The application of the web is now everywhere rounds the world. Thus, marketing is also not an exception. Internet marketing or online marketing is one of the most cost-effective, fastest and most effective marketing modes.

The Triangle For Success of the marketers lies in the amount of traffic they can draw towards their commercial CRM softwarewebsites over the internet. Thus, they need a reliable and constant income through affiliate marketing.

“You’ve got to say, I think that if I keep working at this and want it badly enough, I can have it. It’s called perseverance.” – Lee Iacocca

Aim of the online marketers is to convert the site visitors into their regular customers. By increasing this conversion rate in affiliate marketing you can earn more money.

What are the best conversion tips?

The conversion rate largely depends on how effective is your advertisement on the website. The internet browsers should get attracted towards your website. You can use the CRM software for this purpose.

You can accomplish it by controlling your site traffic and target particular types of audiences. Thus, demographics of the site visitors and the keyword phrases on which they are searching should be properly studied.

There are many areas of interest in your website. Each of the pages on your site might reflect various areas of interest. Now, you need to judge how far they are attracting or interesting the site readers.

If the advertisement and click rates are high then the conversion rate will also rise higher.

How to place the online advertisement?

You need to place your online advertisement in the most effective way with the help of Social Media For CRM software. The ad placement has a direct effect on your conversion rates and overall earnings. CRM can largely help in the Outbound Prospecting Success.

Mostly, people notice the ads which are placed at the top of the web page and on the left side of the page more than the other areas. Thus, you need to place your ad likewise top attract more visitor traffic.

How to interact effectively?

You need to interact effectively with the visitors through online chat window and also via the toll-free telephone number of your organization as the helpline number.

How to retain the site visitors?

The retention phase is very important for your website. In this phase you need to chat more and interact more with your visitors to convert them to regular buyers. Online marketing is very much useful for the mortgage professional too with high conversion rates.

Thus, the success rate and the earnings will be very high by following the right conversion tips on internet marketing.


Top 3 Ways to Grow Your Client Base by Using Mortgage CRM Software

CRM software

Top 3 Ways to Grow Your Client Base by Using Mortgage CRM Software

The real estate market is as unpredictable as ever. Mortgage rates are relatively low and the cost of new homes is good enough to open the market back up to most of the home buyers. As the real estate market crisis is creeping out from its decaying, many of the modern tools as well as CRM software are making an important contribution to help CRM softwaregenerate positive return of investment in the real estate market. In such a scenario, it’s the best time for the mortgage professionals to improve their mortgage leads database in order to make profit from more closed deals.

Build Your Customer Base:

Thanks to the modern mortgage customer relationship management software (CRM) as it can help ensure build a steady customer flow. CRM software is a great choice for the small mortgage professionals to generate and manage their customer mortgage leads. Regardless you are a young entrepreneur starting your own mortgage company or an established firm looking to increase customer database, the CRM software is the smart choice for any business. These tools offer specific solutions for selected areas and you can even customized its different fields as well.

An Automated Process:

Another advantage of this customer relationship management software is that they provide mortgage professionals with an automated process that help them collect mortgage leads. It can be used to monitor the current prospects by maintaining a healthy relationship with the existing client base. You can also set reminders so that it can provide you with an ability to track the past customers. By using the tool you can easily track customers who purchased home when mortgage rates were high. Hence, it can help you conduct a repeat business when rates are down.

Send Proposals to Potential Clients:

The best way you can get access of the potential market is to send them proposals with CRM software. You can use the software to create proposals for potential clients and distribute the same accordingly. This will help you gain instant responses from the clients, since the proposals will appear to them as one from the trusted lender. The proposal will be neatly written and packaged as the professional mortgage proposals do.

Good investment, set goals, and a CRM software – these three will be the triangle of success for a mortgage professionals as this will be a pleasant tool that let them do business in an organized way.

Why CRM Software is New Marketing Tool for Mortgage Professionals?

CRM software

Why CRM Software is New Marketing Tool for Mortgage Professionals?

Are you tired of chasing potential realtors, spending times on cold calling, endless meeting with customers, sending promotional mails or postcards hoping to grab someone’s attention…… these are all traditional tactics an outbound mortgage professional does.

Due to the continuous growing market of mortgage industry and inbound marketing strategies, you’ve probably CRM softwareheard by now that your mortgage business can be well handled with CRM software. Today, real estate activities are more complex. Apart from that, current financial condition has taken the competition to another level. During this situation, the modern CRM tool has come up with a tailor-made solution for the mortgage professionals.

“The competitor to be feared is one who never bothers about you at all, but goes on making his own business better all the time.” – Henry Ford

CRM software can be a new marketing tool for the real estate professionals since it can used to manage your sales as well as marketing, sending emails, managing inventories and others. Following are 4 key features of a CRM tool:

Best to Store Vital Information:

Mortgage professionals need to accommodate important information pertaining to the mortgage industry. The CRM tool can be used to capture all crucial information a mortgage expert requires. Modern CRM tools are designed with specific fields like security number, address for potential property owners, primary applicants etc.

Simplifies the Data Storing Process:

A CRM tool is best at data maintenance. Keeping in mind that the users are engaged in full time business activity, the modern CRM tools are built with the best features of seamless record maintenance. With this software, you can easily link a specific deal with the applicant and their spouse’s personal information along with other details like referring realtor, necessary paper works etc.

Better Customer Relationship:

Customer relationship management is the most important thing a mortgage CRM tool takes care of. It offers multiple email functionality within the software application as well as bulk mailing facility. You can even create email alerts in order to trigger a scheduled event. For example: you can use mortgage CRM software to send your customer a reminder about his/her term expiration in advance. It also sends weekly updates to the realtors on current rates and property deals.

Regardless you are a start-up lender with only hundreds of contacts in your database or you own a big enterprise mortgage firm with over thousand customers to keep track off, mortgage planner CRM can be effective for all. Hence, good contacts, business investments and an effective CRM tool could be the triangle for success for a mortgage professional.