“The Mortgage Triangle Software is a wonderful tool to easily show clients comparisons of different loan options for their short term and long term goals.
I have been using other programs that are very time consuming and far less informative.

Mortgage Triangle saves me so much time and gives me a very professional report to send my clients which is easy to understand and beautiful in presentation.

I am thrilled to finally have a product that is simple to use and provides extensive information to my clients in an easy format!.”

Jenny Boyce
Caliber Home Loans

“I have used Mortgage Triangle Software for the last 2 plus years and I couldn’t survive without it! I have used other popular products
but have found the MTS software is extremely easy to learn and use.

The best part of the software is that is allows you to do a side by side comparison of 5 scenarios.

This helps my client’s clearly understand which option is the best for them and their families budget. Clients love the video messages
I send about their options. If you want to stand above the rest of the mortgage professionals, MTS is a must.”

Drew Ebner
Caliber Home Loans

Dear Mortgage Triangle,

Thank you for creating the perfect tool for our industry!!

Not only does it free up more time because of how easy Mortgage Triangle is to navigate, but it looks like you spent hours creating loan options that will impress your borrowers and referral partners!

Everyone on our team loves how simple it is to use, how well you can track your clients and their loans, and that we close more loans because of it! This is a MUST have if you are looking to be more efficient with your time and offer loan programs in a clear and precise way that will set you apart from your competition!

Scott Estes
Mortgage profession 13 years

“Mortgage Triangle Software has been an amazing tool for our team. Our clients enjoy the straightforward cost breakdown comparisons that make it easy to determine the best mortgage options for their individual needs. Our team appreciates how quick and easy it is to present so many different mortgage options for our clients.”

Lysa Catlin
Cobalt Mortgage

“I have used MTS on a daily basis for the last two years, not only do my clients love the information and options it provides, it has been a great tool to use against rate shoppers.

We use MTS in conjunction with TechSmith (Jing) a free screencast software on all the presentations so the borrowers have a video of me walking them through the different options. My Agents and clients love my presentaions.”

Dana Peterson 
CobaltMortgage | Partner / Senior Mortgage Banker

“My clients have commented on how much they appreciate the mortgage comparison illustrations and review that Mortgage Triangle Software generates.

That’s just half of what I appreciate though…

The web-based program helps me track my clients, lead sources, match with business partners, and most importantly…
it’s definitely been a big part of why I have received more referrals and won over clients lately. I can’t see doing business without it moving forward. Good investment for sure!”

Jim Marks
Washington First Mortgage Loan Corp

“I just wanted to let you know how wonderful Mortgage Triangle Software has been for me and my clients. It is so easy to work with and my client love how easy it is to read as well as how much financial information it provides them.

There is no other program like it and it impressed both the first time home buyer as well as the seasoned buyer/investor!

Thanks so much for offering this program…it has really been great!”

Kimberley Neils
Guild Mortgage – Senior Mortgage Planner

The most powerful tool in my business is the Mortgage Triangle Software Tool. There is nothing like this on the market place that allows you to breakdown the numbers for you clients.

This tool allows my clients to really understand the tax benefits of their mortgage and an easy guide to understanding their buying power.

I have used this tool over 800 times and my clients love it and keep coming back to me because I make the mortgage process easy to understand. I contribute my success of my professional presentation to Mortgage Triangle Software.”

Jolene Messmer
Cobalt Mortgage